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Related article: Champ Ch.12 The Champ and His Dad fiction by S. O'Malley Chapter 12: Not a Good scottish amateur models Day It was Thursday, and after many delays, Daniel was finally on his way home. He was co-piloting the Kansas City to Boston flight with a new pilot who the airline had hired right out of the Air Force. He was young and handsome, but not the brightest pilot in the fleet. Daniel took co-pilot on that flight to give the new guy some experience at the helm. I guess the unlucky ones were the 150 passengers in the cabin. Around 2PM they were somewhere over Ohio, heading north to Western New York then straight to Boston. The Navigator mentioned that there were some pretty bad storms over Syracuse and suggested they take a path around them. The young pilot just laughed it off and mentioned, yet again, his time in the Gulf War both days of it. Daniel was ready to pull the ejector on his seat when he lamented the fact that they didn’t put those in commercial planes. As they approached the nn boys models middle part of New York, the storms were plainly visible out the window, and Daniel asked what the new course would be. The yong model new kid told him just to sit back, calling him ‘Old Man’ which Daniel did not find amusing, and said that he would get them through it just like he had in Baghdad (again with the Gulf War). The large mass of gray clouds ahead was streaked from inside by the trails of the lightning strikes. Daniel suggested, once more, that they fly around it, his suggestion falling on deaf ears. The plane shook as the clouds engulfed its body and gently tossed it around. The pilot managed to keep it fairly steady until a quick streak of white light shot from above them and exploded on the right wing, shorting out both engines. Not expecting that, the kid looked over at Daniel for help and found him just staring back. About that same time, Sean was walking home from school with Jeff he usually got a ride with Todd, but no one had seen him for a couple days. Sean was so excited that his dad would be back home that night and mentioned it to Jeff. When Jeff smiled and started to laugh, Sean could tell something was up. Jeff admitted that he knew everything about Sean Daniel thanks to his telescope. Sean was momentarily shocked until Jeff put his hand on his back and said that it was cool, and then told him about Nick, leaving the part about his father out since he still wasn’t sure how he felt about that. The one thing he did know for sure was that he loved Nick and missed him after only being gone for 2 days. They passed an empty park on he way home and, not raining for the first time in days, they sat on a bench and exchanged their stories. Sean, and Jeff too for that matter, felt a huge relief as they finally got to share the exciting things that had transpired over the last few days. For some reason, Jeff felt so close to Sean at the moment that he leaned over and gave him a big (and quite long) hug ending it with a quick kiss on Sean’s cheek. Just at that moment, this old red pick-up drove by the park. Sean noticed the filthy, toothless men inside looking at them, mouths agape, as the truck slowed down and doubled back, stopping on the street. Sean notice the Texas license plate next to the Bush for President bumper sticker and had a bad feeling about his immediate future. The hug ended abruptly and Jeff noticed a look of terror on Sean’s face. As he turned his head to see what had Sean so scared, he saw the two guys from the truck walking over to them, crowbar and tire jack in hand. Also at this same time Coach J. was driving back from Logan International Airport in Boston where he had just picked up one of the candidates for the new Assistant Coach position at Dover Falls High. After he had produced so many wrestling champions and a State Champion Soccer team the board gave him the extra money to topless modelling jobs hire an assistant. Troy was a very good looking 25 year old guy who, at one time, had been the High School state wrestling champ in his weight class. After High School he attended UCLA on an athletic scholarship where he wrestled and played football. His senior year, he took the college wrestling championship as well. He was more than qualified, and his beauty and, apparently constant, good mood made Coach J. think that this was the guy for the job. The drive took about 3 hours so they had a chance to talk about the school and the job and all of Troy’s many adventures which he shared openly with the coach as if they were old friends. He noticed as he talked about his College days on the wrestling team, the Coach started to stir in his seat, trying to readjust something. Once he had stopped squirming, Troy looked down and saw the thick ridge on Coach J.’s leg. Coach saw him looking erotik modelle berlin and as Troy’s eyes moved up they were met by the coach’s. Troy reached over and undid his new bosses pants and pulled the zipper down. They were quite tight, black jeans, and he had to dig his hand in there to grab the hard cock and let it out. Like it was nothing, Troy leaned over and took it into his mouth. The coach let out a long soft sigh and enjoyed the fabulous technique the young stud had developed. He became so caught up in the hot, wet sensation that he naturally closed his eyes and his sighs increased in volume. He remembered that he was driving and opened his eyes just as he saw the back of the semi hurtling toward him at an alarming speed. At that moment, it was pic model boy about 10:30PM in Jordan and Nick had just gone into the one restaurant in Amman, that served beer. It was pretty empty so he sat at a table in the corner. All eyes turned to him in his Navy uniform, without which he may have been able to pass for an Arab. The waiter came over and he ordered a trixie teen model Tempo Beer, about the only thing that Jordan imported from Israel. It wasn’t very good, but he thought it might ease the pain of being separated from Jeff so suddenly. The waiter brought him the bottle and he swigged almost half of it in the first gulp. He was staring at the label and peeling the corners off when he saw someone standing in front of his table. As his eyes moved up the man’s body, he saw it was one of the Royal Guards, black uniform and beret, a machine gun strapped around his large expansive chest. Their eyes met and the guard, with a asian porn models British accent, asked Nick to please come with him. He asked why not the right thing to do and the guard reached behind the table and pulled him out. Standing, Nick realized that this guy was at least two feet taller than him and remarkably strong. He decided to go peacefully, and ls porn model let the guard cuff his hands behind his back as he dragged him into the street. 2PM Thursday found Todd and Aaron still in bed, in the hotel suite. They were supposed to check out Wednesday at noon, but not wanting to part just yet, they called down to the desk and told them they’d be keeping the room for another night. Thursday morning they had done the same thing. They had $2000 between them so it wasn’t a big deal, and Todd wasn’t about to leave this to go to High School. They had been making love for almost two straight days, except for the times they showered together or ate something from Room Service. Since Tuesday they had not spent a moment apart they knew it would eventually happen, but neither of them was ready to think about it. The only plan they had made that involved leaving the hotel was taking Coach J’s little brother, Angel, model nude stripping out on Friday night. Earlier Tuesday, Todd had made plans with Sean to take Angel to a rave and he knew Sean wouldn’t mind him bringing someone else along. Especially since he knew that nina model tgp Aaron and Sean would get along so well they were very much alike. Like Jeff, Todd was anxious to tell Sean about his 3-day adventureit’s not real until someone else knows. Todd Aaron were just kind of holding and nuzzling each other after having made nude models petite love, the scent of C.K. Escape in the air mixed with that of their sex. The Jeff Buckley CD they had playing softly in the other model teen com room was suddenly drowned out by that of sirens outside. They paid no attention to the wailing of the trucks until they realized they weren’t passing by. Aaron kissed Todd sweetly and got out of bed to look out the window. Todd just lay there, watching Aaron’s butt as he crossed the room. Aaron looked down and saw the trucks in front of the hotel, smoke pouring out of the windows 3 and 4 and 5 floors below them. He turned around, and the look on his face startled Todd. On the other side of town, Gabriel sat in the one bedroom women supermodels apartment that fhm new model he had moved into upon returning to Dover Falls. Out of work, his wife and kids gone, the boy that he thought he loved rejecting him and living in this tiny two room boxhe felt as if he had hit rock-bottom. He sat on the cold wood floor in his jeans and t-shirt, his arms wrapped around his legs pulling his little grils models knees up to his chin. This was his safe “fetal” position. He sat there slowly rocking, playing his life over and over in his head, as he eyed the loaded gun that lay in front of him. He felt the tears coming and, realizing the loss of everything, knew there was no reason to hold back. His vision blurred as the drops collected in his lashes, then cleared as they began flowing down his cheeks. He put his forehead on his knees, his chin on his chest and rocked there on the floor as he softly sobbed. He suddenly looked up and in the window his faint reflection showed him a broken and desperate looking man that he didn’t recognize. He stared at this man’s face slowly accepting the fact that it was his own then reached for the pistol, cocked it and closed his lips around the barrel. Christophe Xenakis (the father) only worked a half day on Thursdays and usually would head home around 2:30. He took the elevator from his office down to the parking garage and got in his Audi. The drive took about 30 minutes--he thought of that as his decompression time. His thoughts turned to Nick and Jeff and the fun that they had playing together. Just thinking of it aroused him and he model nude stripping put one hand in his lap rubbing against his quickly inflating cock. Feeling that he needed more, he unzipped and pulled his manhood through the zipper. The metal teeth scratched the shaft as he removed it, but he didn’t mind-- it felt like hundreds of little nibbles. These were the times he was happy that he had splurged on tinted windows. He leaned over and grabbed a small rag he kept in the glove compartment. He took a big whiff of it and draped it over the top of his pole. He was amused to see it wave back and forth as his cock throbbed kind of like it was surrendering. He grabbed his rag-covered cock, feeling the hard spots of dried cum rub against the head as he jacked himself off. He always used this method when he was driving to make sure his cum didn’t go all over his suit. The fantasy world of Jeff and Nick came back into his head full-force. His favorite part was when they both leaned over him and licked the cum off his chest and he laika teen model played it over and over almost feeling the boys tongues on his body. He found himself whispering their names as they appeared in the focus of his mind’s lens. Keeping one eye on the road, he brought himself to climax and glanced down to watch as the cum was forced through the top of the rag. He loved to watch that, the power of his orgasms always impressed him. The rag was warm with his fluids and he let it lay on his cock for a few minutes, as it slowly deflated. Picking it up, he smelled it again, this time getting a much more pungent scent this was the scent that reminded him of Jeff. He threw it back into the glove compartment and slid himself back into his underwear leaving his zipper open for now. He drove for about 5 more minutes before he pulled onto his street. As he approached his house he saw that his wife was already home she didn’t work but usually was shopping or having lunch during the afternoon. He parked and went into the house. His wife greeted him at the door with a kiss and he felt himself start to inflate again. She pulled away and grabbed some envelopes, handing the women supermodels mail to Christophe. He looked through the various bills and credit card offers and tossed most of them into the wastepaper basket in the kitchen. When he got to the last one, he saw that all it had written famouse models nude on it was CHRISTOPHE XENAKIS in large block letters. He asked his wife where that one came from and she told him that she fhm new model had just found with the rest in the mailbox. He opened the envelope, perplexed by this tiny riddle. Inside he saw a piece of tri-folded paper and pulled it out, noticing some big letters in black marker that had soaked through to the backside. He unfolded it and read the message. His face turned white and he thought he was going to pee himself. His wife came back into the room and saw her husbands stunned expression. She walked over to him and pantys child models asked what was wrong. There was no response. As she looked at him holding the piece of paper, she deciphered the note from the soaked through marker fhm new model on the back. Slowly, as she turned the letters around in her head, the message became clear. She heard herself gasp as he stood there, frozen, staring at the words CHILD MOLESTER. to be continued... comments? information models sexe about the Dover Falls website? julie child model send me mail